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This page is dedicated to keeping fire code officials in the Commonwealth up-to-date on the 2015 Statewide Fire Prevention Code update and rewrite process.  In early 2016 the Board of Housing and Community Development formed a fire code rewrite committee that was tasked with removing any of the unenforceable provisions within the fire code.  As the only fire code related statewide organization, the Virginia Fire Prevention Association board was asked to provide volunteers to participate in the committee.  Multiple members of the VFPA Board of Trustees attended the meetings.  The committee had multiple in-depth discussions from all parties involved but a unanimous consensus on all deletions and amendments was not able to be achieved.

It is very important that every member of the fire code enforcement  community be aware of this process and that everyone understand the process to review and vote on the numerous deletions and amendments to the next edition of the Statewide Fire Prevention Code.

Virginia has instituted cdpVirginia. The cdpVA system is Virginia's new online Code Development Process. cdpVA allows you to create code change proposals, submit public comments and access any information about the 2015 Virginia Code Change Process.  To access the site and register click the link below.

The Virginia Fire Prevention Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

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